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We all deserve the freedom of mobility. As specialists in foot and ankle problems, we understand the pressing need to relieve pain and increase your mobility as soon as possible. Our foot and ankle clinic in New Braunfels, TX, is dedicated to giving our patients independence and a life without pain. The average person walks up to two miles per day, and any injury to the lower limbs decreases that number drastically. The ancillary health repercussions can domino and put you at additional risk. Call and schedule an assessment to see our ankle doctor as soon as you suspect an injury.

Whether you injured your ankle slipping on stairs, are an athlete, or are feeling the effects of diabetes, we’re committed to your health and mobility. Address issues need immediately to prevent further damage. Don’t put your health at risk, call our foot and ankle clinic as soon as you experience pain or injury.

Our ankle doctor believes in the importance of whole-body health. Your outlook on life can be drastically affected by the inability to move without pain. Fill out our form with your contact information and we will set up an appointment right away to address your concerns.